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I have been using shared web hosting services for several years now. As an early adopter of ASP.NET MVC – as far back as the first CTP – I needed to research several that met my requirements and beta-phase experimentation. One of my most popular blog posts was actually my recommendation for cheap shared hosting. Since then, I have been running several other sites and figured it was time to graduate to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

I considered using a cloud solution, but I don’t think that kind of scaling will be necessary at this point.  It is also fairly expensive and may fluctuate depending on usage.  So I opted to use a fixed price VPS host.  There are many, many offering available but the most economical which still provide a full feature set, and the one I ultimately choose was  Like I mentioned in my original shared hosting post, I wouldn’t post about a hosting company unless they really impressed me.  That is still true here.  I believe they have the best VPS hosting out there for any Windows-based projects.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that their main focus is VPS.

Their starter package costs a very reasonable $17.99 a month for a Windows 2008 Server and includes full root, remote desktop access, support, backups etc.  They also have promotions from time to time and I believe they currently have 50% off the first month.  Check them out:


I recently read a Gartner research report about the changing space of software development methodologies and the PMO. It compared the PMO to an air traffic controller coordinating flights (ie projects) – scheduling them, coordinating resources for them etc. While this might be a valid comparison, I think the changing face of software development is leaning towards taking road trips as oppose to long flights.

The air traffic controller analogy is good but if the distance is short, sometimes driving a car is faster. I think if our aim as software development managers shifts to focus on delivering small chunks of functionality more often, we don’t necessarily need all the planning & scheduling that an international flight requires. Driving to a close destination within 100 miles or so is often faster than the airport parking, luggage check-in, security screening, boarding, possible flight delays, weather conditions etc (not to mention the high upfront cost of a flight). For short distances, driving a car is often the optimal choice.

For farther destinations, say from Miami to Seattle, a flight would definitely win over a drive with no stops. However, if we think of a Seattle as being the final destination, but having several stops along the way, it becomes akin to a road trip. Each stop in a different town adds value to the overall expedition. Everyone is enjoying the progress of the trip because they’re getting value out of each stop along the way. The car will need refueling (capital) along the way, but its a smaller cost than filling the plane with 50,000 gallons of jet fuel before takeoff. The analogy here is the benefit of high business value from fast, incremental delivery of application features.

Also, a flight requires coordination from several disparate and highly specialized teams (engineers, pilots, stewards, traffic controllers, etc). In the car analogy, the team is much more close-knit and cross-functional. Anyone can drive, a couple know how to drive as well as change a flat, someone knows how to change the oil as well as fix a flat – they don’t need to “borrow” someone from another project to change a flat. Everyone on this cross-functional team is committed to the success of the road trip whereas flight teams work on multiple flights (projects) all the time and need to be coordinated and assigned accordingly.

Without a doubt, coordination and management is necessary with any software development project.  However, the scale can change dramatically depending on how far you want to look ahead.  It also gives us more options to get around detours along the way.

If you are looking for ASP.NET hosting, I HIGHLY recommend you check out

I wouldn’t usually write up about a hosting company unless I really liked what they were offering.  I think they have the best deal out there for ASP.NET hosting.  I recommended them to a friend who was looking to host his site and he was extremely grateful.  I figured the rest of the ASP.NET community might appreciate it as well.  I’m actually hosting a few websites with them using the ASP.NET MVC Framework and have no complaints.  I am especially impressed with their technical support.  They respond quickly and solve issues with very little “back and forth”.

They also have this “quadruple promotion” that lets you upgrade any plan (starting from 5.95/month) to quadruple the features you get.  The cheapest package of 5.95/month gets you 8 websites and 8 MSSQL 2005 databases.  This is the best deal I’ve found on hosting.  I think you also get 15% off of your order.  If you’re looking for hosting, I highly recommend these guys. Make sure you ask about the “quadruple promotion” if you don’t see an add for it.  Check them out:

It looks like people are starting to deploy sites based on the ASP.NET MVC Framework already.  I’ve been trying to collect some examples and here’s what I got so far.

If you have a site that you’re developing using the ASP.NET MVC Framework, please let me know about it so I can include it here.