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It was a hectic day today trying to figure this one out.  Last night I uninstalled IIS 6 from my machine.  Looking back now, I can’t really remember why I did that.  I then re-installed IIS and started re-creating my ASP.NET applications.  When I first attempted, I got a strange XML representation of my page.  This should be an obvious error.  I have overlooked registering ASP.NET on the server (aspnet_regiis.exe -i and regsvr32.exe aspnet_isapi.dll).  This is too easy for a guy like me!  Then… crash n’ burn….

Server Application Error… Very nice.  And so self explanatory.  So I started going through all the motions to troubleshoot it and came up with nothing.  The worst part is all the forums kept telling people to check the event log.  But to my dismay, it seemed I was the only one that had nothing in the event log.  Let me repeat this so that anyone Googling this will end up here.  No entries in the event log.  Nada!


The first place I actually got a clue to where the problem was is in %windir%\iis6.log  In here there was a bunch of FAIL keywords.  As it turns out, you must have Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service running when installing IIS.  Not sure why, but thats how it is.  I always turn off services I don’t need in Windows XP and this (I assumed) was one of them.  Oh well.  I enabled the service, uninstalled IIS, re-installed IIS, did all the fun registering and got it working.  Hopefully this will help someone out there out of some frustrating moments…