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Facebook just announced details of “Project Titan”.  The new messaging inbox combines SMS, email, instant messages and Facebook messages in one ‘social inbox’.  Additionally, users will have their own email address.  This means people who aren’t already on Facebook can actually deliver emails to Facebook.  The system will also execute rules to determine which channel is best to deliver the message depending on your availability and status.

One statement that caught my attention was when Mark discussed the feedback they received on how people are using email – particularly high schoolers.  What is this demographic’s sentiment towards email?  ”Too slow and formal”.

I recall when “slow” was a word reserved for the regular postal service – ‘snail mail’.  How much have we evolved in only a few years since email’s inception that now email is the new snail mail!

I think this is a wonderful trend but can be somewhat disconcerning to today’s workforce.  What will the communication trends look like 10 years from now when these high schoolers enter the workforce.  We rely on email constantly in today’s organizations — a process which the current generation of youngsters find horribly inefficient.

Will email be as antiquated as postal mail by the time this generation enters the workforce?  What technologies will be driving the communication channels in the next few years.  Couple this announcement with a recent study by Airwide Solutions that claims social networking will be more popular than voice and SMS by 2015.

Without a doubt, this is a very exciting time with phenomenal changes in the way we collaborate on the horizon.

UPDATE:  Installation of .NET 3.5 SP 1 on my web hosting completely killed this app!  I’m currently going through the process of upgrading it but it will be down for a while.

I am officially announcing the beta release of the GiftListr for Facebook application.

GiftListr is the only truly universal gift registry allowing you to add products from ANY website without limitations.  Just browse stores the way you usually do when you shop online.  Once you find the item you want, simply copy-and-paste the url into the GiftListr application.  GiftListr will then download all the product information and product images available.  You can add notes to each item and share you gift list with friends.

The application is built entirely on ASP.NET MVC and makes extensive use of the jQuery library.  It also uses the Facebook Developer Toolkit available on CodePlex.  I would love to hear some feedback from the ASP.NET community.  Let me know what you think.  Any features you’d like to see?  Would you be willing to contribute to it if I add it to CodePlex as a community project?