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This weekend, Saturday, February 2nd is the South Florida Code Camp.  I’m really looking forward to some of the sessions.  I couldn’t believe that the ASP.NET MVC Framework got it’s own track on the agenda!  This is great news and shows how much excitement there is about the upcoming framework.  I’m looking forward to hearing what others are saying about it. 

On this note, I’m planning to put together a series of posts about my experiences with the ASP.NET MVC framework so far.  Mostly little tid bits and pitfalls I’ve hit along the way and how I was able to resolve it.  I hope to get some feedback from the community and perhaps build a “best practices” archive for working with the ASP.NET MVC Framework.  Look for it in the coming days.


My first “official” blog post and what exciting news to report! First of all, a big thank you is in order to Joe Stagner for helping me set this up. It’s a huge honor to have found a new home here.

Scott Guthrie has just announced that Microsoft will be delivering the source code to the .NET 3.5 framework later this year. It will be available as a standalone install so you can actually use any text editor to view it. This is major news.  It is really just putting it all out there. You’ll even be able to step-through the framework code from VS 2008.

What a way to kick-off the new blog. I’ll be transferring my existing blog entries in the next days and I look forward to hearing from everyone.