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I have been using shared web hosting services for several years now. As an early adopter of ASP.NET MVC – as far back as the first CTP – I needed to research several that met my requirements and beta-phase experimentation. One of my most popular blog posts was actually my recommendation for cheap shared hosting. Since then, I have been running several other sites and figured it was time to graduate to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

I considered using a cloud solution, but I don’t think that kind of scaling will be necessary at this point.  It is also fairly expensive and may fluctuate depending on usage.  So I opted to use a fixed price VPS host.  There are many, many offering available but the most economical which still provide a full feature set, and the one I ultimately choose was  Like I mentioned in my original shared hosting post, I wouldn’t post about a hosting company unless they really impressed me.  That is still true here.  I believe they have the best VPS hosting out there for any Windows-based projects.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that their main focus is VPS.

Their starter package costs a very reasonable $17.99 a month for a Windows 2008 Server and includes full root, remote desktop access, support, backups etc.  They also have promotions from time to time and I believe they currently have 50% off the first month.  Check them out: