ASP.NET Hosting Recommendation (if you’re on a budget)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If you are looking for ASP.NET hosting, I HIGHLY recommend you check out

I wouldn’t usually write up about a hosting company unless I really liked what they were offering.  I think they have the best deal out there for ASP.NET hosting.  I recommended them to a friend who was looking to host his site and he was extremely grateful.  I figured the rest of the ASP.NET community might appreciate it as well.  I’m actually hosting a few websites with them using the ASP.NET MVC Framework and have no complaints.  I am especially impressed with their technical support.  They respond quickly and solve issues with very little “back and forth”.

They also have this “quadruple promotion” that lets you upgrade any plan (starting from 5.95/month) to quadruple the features you get.  The cheapest package of 5.95/month gets you 8 websites and 8 MSSQL 2005 databases.  This is the best deal I’ve found on hosting.  I think you also get 15% off of your order.  If you’re looking for hosting, I highly recommend these guys. Make sure you ask about the “quadruple promotion” if you don’t see an add for it.  Check them out:


  1. I ordered the service, but now I am being told that MVC is not supported. Did you have to do anything special to get them to allow/enable it?

  2. How did you handle clean URLs using DailyRazor? They reversed their stance that MVC is not supported, but I still haven’t gotten MVC working.

    Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

  3. MikeBosch says:

    Jeff: Create a support ticket and ask them to map all extensions to the ASP.NET runtime in the application mappings. They use IIS6 so just follow the recommendations for MVC on IIS6.

    Hope this helps.

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