Showcase of "Live" ASP.NET MVC Sites

Monday, May 5, 2008

It looks like people are starting to deploy sites based on the ASP.NET MVC Framework already.  I’ve been trying to collect some examples and here’s what I got so far.

If you have a site that you’re developing using the ASP.NET MVC Framework, please let me know about it so I can include it here.


  1. http:// says: is a twitter clone done in ASP.NET MVC. More information here:

  2. Jason Jung says:

    Very small app, but my personal blog was built in MVC 2 –
    Probably good to have a mix of different scale websites.

  3. Here is a website I am currently developing using ASP.NET MVC:

    It allows producing very clean HTML, take a look.

  4. vinbrown says:

    Here’s a realestate site I developed using MVC preview 2, LINQ and jquery.

    My website is also an MVC app, (not finished yet though, as of right now).

  5. Nathan says:

    We built a hosted website CMS service for small businesses using MVC:

  6. Ed says:

    I built ShareTabs in it to get up to speed. It’s like SnipUrl but for multiple sites at once. You get a single (customizable) url which displays a preview of all the sites, and allows you to view them in iframe tabs, or open them all into your browser tabs if it supports it (Firefox). Found it really easy and productive to use the MVC framework, and it’s converted me back from Rails!

  7. vinbrown says:

    Educational website by Plexus Corporation. Uses mvc and jquery.

  8. http:// says:

    whoops, sorry. I thought I included the link for that last one. here it is:

    Educational website by Plexus Corporation. Uses mvc and jquery.

  9. mikehadlow says:

    I’ve built an open source eCommerce site with MVC Framework:

    Code is here:

    Also uses LINQ-to-SQL and the Castle Windsor IoC container.


  10. me.aspuser says:

    Check this out. This is some kind of a combination of yellow pages, craigslist and kijiji.

  11. Budigelli says:

    Nice List, Could you please include to it!

  12. shiju says:

    Now you can add your own application GiftListr.

  13. This is my attempt for a community site and blog.

  14. http:// says:

    Check out

    For now it’s a Football statistics site. Will include a fantasy league in the next months.

  15. btiper says:

    A bot developers community web site.

  16. Alex says:

    Please add this site Its community for collectioners.

  17. Craig says:

    Another one is Football news site.

  18. ta4ka says:

    You say you host your sites with daily razor but they say that they don’t have iis7. How can you host it without iis7?

  19. My personal website was also built using MVC on IIS 6. I’m currently working in order to extend it to a complete CMS… In a couple of days will be published, running on the same setup.

  20. Craig says:

    I have used MVC to build my Real Estate and property search engine

  21. Gino Heyman says:

    I run a built-from-scratch web shop which I converted from ASP.Net to ASP.Net MVC a while ago:, for the English version.

  22. http:// says: is a place to share stories about people doing stupid things. It is written in ASP.NET MVC and jQuery

  23. Matthew says:

    My first deployed MVC website – done with RC1

  24. Rick New says:

    Simple MVC site with menus loading from SiteMap and data loading from txt files.

  25. Zach says:

    I built using ASP.NET MVC. It’s a coupon code listing site. Maybe a bit spammy I know, but it was easy and fun to make thanks to MVC, plus you’re free to copy and paste coupon codes without any annoying popups.

  26. Chance says:

    I built part of on MVC – its all powered by a simple but efficient CMS.

  27. shawn says:

    ASP.NET MVC Social Networking site that combines journals and profiles to get to know the real person.

  28. shawn says:

    oops. forgot this blog links the username. The site is . It’s been a fun and frustrating journey following ASP.NET from the very first preview release.

  29. http:// says:

    I think you should add to the list as the portal is one of the first and biggest portals developed with mvc.

  30. Robert Reese says:

    I built in mvc to teach myself the framework. I found it very clean and easy to code with.

  31. dmitrijs says: – website builder (hosted cms)

  32. Malik Jones says:

    My wife and I just built our feature-rich, blogging platform in ASP.NET MVC 1.0. Some of the built-in blog features include: custom themes, Ajax driven polls and comments, drag and drop layouts, plugins, rss feeds, photo spread layouts, multiple languages and more. Overall, I think I enjoy coding in ASP.NET MVC more than webforms because it seems to make working with ajax, json, and RESTful urls so much easier.

  33. boomhauer says:

    two sites running MVC now (and couple more in the works) – (mudlogging software company) and (IMAX theater finder app)
    Both running in IIS 6 with URL rewriter enabled to keep the .mvc out of the url’s. Imax Finder also uses friendly url’s for the various locations, ie . So far, really enjoy the new MVC stuff.


  34. Just released (no use really but it’s my first ASP.NET MVC deployed app)

  35. Just released a maternity stores locations finder . Using IIS6 on a VPS. MVC is slowly reducing the nagging feeling that we should have gone with php ;)

  36. Donny V says:

    I just finished my site
    where you can inventory your comic collection and organize your issues using a label system.
    I used jQuery as my javascript framework and no MVC helpers. Currently running MVC 1.0.

    MVC has been great to develop for. I can’t see my self going back to ASP.NET Web Forms. Plus the speed boost is great.

  37. Michael says:

    Just launched a custom E-Commerce ASP.NET MVC site for workspace organizers.

  38. SwiftLion says:

    We used MVC to generate a TV job site that you can access on Sky digital interactive TV, the good thing with minor adjustments we were able to produce views for Virgin Media and Looking Local platforms on Digital TV as well. It saved us many hours in development time, with each new platform we just generate a new set of views. The following url shows a video of how the MVC site on Sky interactive TV works (as of course cannot point to a TV site on web) This is for UK satellite viewers only.

  39. Gianluca says:

    Check this out: MVC 1.0 integrated with PayPal, Google Sitemap and RSS.

  40. says:

    New diet and research mashup using the PubMed government API, Amazon EC2,, and OpenID + ASP.NET roles for authentication.

  41. Please can you include in your list. is a discussion forumn that is used to discuss current affairs.Users make a contribution and also vote for the best articles or contributions

  42. A simple MVC site that detects the version of silverlight you have installed… strangely, this is not an easy thing to detect from script. Planning to post the cleaned up source on the site for anyone interested in how it can be done.

  43. Large rich media site for flooring manufacturer – full re-development from original VB6/Webclass/COM+ application.

  44. Cyril Gupta says:

    I just put online my website made in ASP.Net MVC.

    It’s called Codebix, and the URL is :

  45. City Limits says:

    Collection of tshirts and soon other products with the green “city limits” signs for each city in the US. MVC and Sql Server. Have a look.

  46. We’ve released a subway finder, helps you find a subaway location near you. Site is at

  47. Xemerys says:

    Probably the only MMO economic strategy (so far) in the world, developed with Asp.Net MVC 1.
    Homepage is at

  48. Hello, online entertainment site I build on ASP.NET MVC

  49. I believe is done in ASP.NET MVC too .. you’ve probably heard about it.. (or you should’ve…) :)

  50. http:// says:

    The majority of these links are now broken.

  51. http:// says:

    First e-commerce site that I built with ASP.NET MVC and was released on 2009/10.

    Could be the first in Japan probably.

  52. ignatandrei says:
    Exchange rates from National Bank of Romania + Europeean Central Bank

  53. Ryan Moore says:

    is a Sports Social networking site I’ve build using ASP.NET MVC and ExtJS – check it out!

  54. Derek says:

    HomeSpot HQ ( is an MVC based app for managing home maintenance and projects.

  55. r4 ds says:

    The majority of these links are now broken.

  56. Malcolm says:

    High traffic tyre sale site.

  57. Dmitry says: – Leading Latvian real estate company web site

  58. Our german time tracking website is completely build with MVC. It’s a SaaS subscription website for companies which need to track the working hours of their employees.
    Currently we are building a Windows Mobile client for the Website, which will use an API based on Odata.

  59. Joseph says:

    The earbud finder is a site built using ASP MVC 1.0. Can be found at

  60. Couple updates – the old imax finder site has been moved to . We’ve also added as well.

  61. I botched the url in the previous one – should be (forgot the s)

  62. batterie says:

    make a contribution and also vote for the best articles or contributions

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