ASP.NET MVC Tip #1 – Accessing TempData from a ViewUserControl

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I’ve been creating several shared components that I use throughout the MVC application.  I found that almost all my forms needed some kind of feedback mechanism on whether the form was successful or not.  I created an ErrorDisplay ViewUserControl which is called on most form input pages using the MVC HTML helper:  <%= RenderUserControl(“~/Views/Shared/ErrorDisplay.ascx”) %>.


This simple control will check for a key in the TempData dictionary and if it finds it, it will loop through the items in that dictionary.  The item I store in the TempData is a dictionary of error messages added from the controller.  My issue in this case was that I kept getting a null reference exception when trying to access the TempData from the user control.


On view pages, to access the TempData dictionary you can go through the ViewContext property directly.  However, from a view user control, we have to access it through the Html.ViewContext.TempData property.  This seems like a bug to me which I’m sure will be fixed in the next drop of the MVC framework.  Also, I believe that TempData will also be accessible directly as a property of the View Page in future releases.

Hope this helps! 

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  1. http:// says:

    Funny, I was experiancing the same problem with TempData. I assumed after a while that TempData is onyl available to the controller. My solution was to add an ErrorDictionary property of the BaseViewData class.

    Sadly enough I don’t have the time (or resources if you will) to analyze the MVC framework as I wanted too.

    Thanks for your clearification about this subject.


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