Application Definition files for Sharepoint 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I finally got around to playing with the new Business Data Catalog
service in Sharepoint 2007.  I’ve always thought that Sharepoint was a
great tool for “putting a face” to an enterprise’s SOA effort, and this
gets it one step closer.   The process involves creating a
LobSystem(line-of-business system).  This involves creating what is
known as an “Application Definition” file.  This file describes your
LobSystem(entities, methods, actions etc). 

You can easily use a web
service as the source for this.  However, the XML for this file is
quite verbose.  Eager to start creating my own LobSystems, I ran across
BDC Meta Man.  This is a great tool that lets you create Application Definition files though a (decent) GUI. 

Check it out below:

Video: BDC Meta Man Getting Started

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    Great Stuff indeed.Makes hard stuff easy.

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