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I had been working on a simple ETL SSIS package to simply pull data from a file, parse it, and insert it into some tables on a SQL 2005 box.  In my dev and testing environment the package ran extremely fast… under a couple of seconds.  But as soon as I added the package to our QA environment and schedule the package to be executed as a step on a SQL Agent job, the package took up 4-5 minutes to execute.

I knew the data loading and extracting could not be causing the problem.  When I looked at what services were running on the box, I noticed SSIS was not running.  I tried to start it and it errored out with “Service could not be started in timely fashion”.  However, the package still ran (slow, granted, but it still executed).  I finally found some insite into the problem from this KB article on Microsoft: .

Apparently, SSIS needs to ping this host in order to start correctly.  Instead of applying the hotfix, I just added the line to the host file on the box.  I attempted to start the SSIS service again and “voila”, it was running.  The package is executing within a respectable time range once again.